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The world of a rose and of me

The day I was found, they had decided that, ‘that the day i’ll born they will decide’ because a lot of duties they have to abide.

They kept patience till the bump got shown had watered me like the gardener does with a rose.

They went to the doctor, said they want me to know my heart beats increased as i felt so. But after that i felt some change didn’t know why she’s soothing me again and again.

They decided the date and I was ready to give them a surprise, but i thought isn’t it too early but it’s alright.

I started to feel the same sorrow and pain but wanted to leave behind my stains.

As this was all about the world i know so i decided to write this poem while lying on the river side road.

Still don’t know I am ‘he’ or ‘she’ but sure they do and in the end same thing gardener did to that rose.

And in their world people still love that rose while I am a trash to feed.




Were you once a joyful and happy kind of kid and then shit happened? Now all your joy and happiness are only on the surface, just hidden behind your big fake smiles. Yeah I was one of those kid. Caught up with my demons called overthinking, anxiety, fear and depression a long time before are now a huge part of my lifestyle. And to survive in this world with them is a huge task, if i can say so. So, the big guy sitting up there sent his right hand to me and man, what a good timing his right hand had. If you don’t know he goes by the name, ‘MUSIC.’

I was a big fan of music from the starting but now it has become much more for me. It holds a deep meaning to my soul. When I was very lonely, then the melodies coming out of my earphones held my hands tightly and now they give me a melodious hug, whenever i need one.

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There are times when emotions inside me get too strong and get a hold over me, then like a knight in shining armour music directs them to creativity flowing through my pen. When this world becomes too much, then music creates a breathable space and when this world feels too empty, then i can feel it dancing just behind my ears. When joy becomes too much it dances with me and when pain makes me to crawl then it gives me a shoulder to hang on.

I can imagine my world with and without many things but there cannot be a world for me without music. Now i don’t go in search of music, it comes to me. It comes to me when i am in need like a most beloved best friend. It comes with the winds when I’m standing with my eyes closed. It comes with the rains when I’m surrounded in my willows. It comes with the words when my lips whisper them loud. It comes with darkness and make things more dark and it comes with light and makes it more bright.

The relationship with music is like, if my ears are closed then my breath feel it. If my fingers are stiff then my feet follow the beats. Now I can be alone but can never be lonely. Slowly slowly music and i are becoming one and there will be a day when we will be one.

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On a Sunday summer evening I was searching through amazon for some new books to buy and somehow this one captured my attention. Maybe it was because of its name or the name of the author could also be the reason, or it was because i was trying to expand my horizons. Anyhow, it got into my cart and found a way to my shelf. And the thing i did not knew at that time was that more easily it will find its way to my heart.

After reading few lines, the words started resonating in me. It was like, you can feel what Khalil Gibran was feeling while writing these lines. The name yet so close to religion but it’s far from it. The verses dives deeper into spirituality and reaches to your soul that you can feel the echo of them moving inside you.

For self is a sea boundless and measureless. Say not, “I have found the truth,” but rather, “I have found a truth.” Say not, “I have found the path of the soul.” Say rather, “I have met a soul walking upon my path.” For the souls walks upon all paths.

Each and every word full of wisdom, passion and fire, Gibran teaches us silently through his pain, longing, and life. After reading his works you’ll realise that this man has felt the emotions very strongly. If some feelings would have make us stumble, then he definitely would have bent and crawled with a smile etched upon his face, giving you the illusion that he is in paradise bliss of his aches and pains.

For me, this book has become my best friend. Whenever i feel too high or too low, i just pick it up and sit down and start reading, to get myself lost into the dark and gloomy and yet so mesmerising world of Khalil Gibran.

If you have read it already tell me what you felt when you first read it. And if you haven’t read it yet, then i can only say you have missed so much. Go and read it and tell me all your realisations.